Сегодняшние слова: aplomb, apprehensive, aptitude, attentive, brackish. Уровень — intermediate и выше. Полезные слова для сдающих экзамены, подходят для разговора о людях, а brackish — для темы pollution.


confidence and style, great coolness and composure under strain [уверенность в себе, самоуверенность]

Ex.:I wish I had handled it with aplomb.
New York Times (May 18, 2014)


feeling anxious about something that you are going to do [испытывать тревогу, опасения]
Ex.: Virga still feels apprehensive when visiting an unfamiliar zoo.
 New York Times (Jul 3, 2014)


a natural skill or an ability to do something well [склонность]
Ex.: He has an aptitude for learning languages.


listening or watching carefully and showing that you are interested [внимательный]

Ex.:You make sure to be extra attentive to your friend.  Time (Oct 2, 2014)



slightly salty, may be dirty and unpleasant

Ex.:Brackish water can be used, but freshwater is easier and less costly. New York Times (May 14, 2014)



Well, Jane, we were told that you have an aptitude for caring about children. You know, we still feel apprehensive when leaving Juliet with babysitters. You should understand that you must be very attentive to her. Last time when we hired a babysitter Juliet drank bracklish water. I still don’t know how that happened. We hope everything will be ok this evening and you will handle it with aplomb.