Сегодня у нас 4 очень близких по значению глагола. Посмотрим их определение и примеры из прессы.

1. To captivate = to attract and hold the interest of, as by beauty, excellence or wit = charm = очаровывать

Her blue eyes and red hair captivated him.
2. To grip = to secure and maintain a tight hold on; seize firmly; to hold the interest or attention of = захватить, завладеть вниманием.
The trial has gripped the whole nation.
3. To engross (in)= to occupy exclusively; absorb + monopolize = поглощать
Harry Potter engrosses children.
4. To rivet (on, to) = to fasten or fix firmly, to hold (the eye, attention, etc.) firmly = приковывать
His eyes were rivetted on\to her face.


Captivate имеет положительный оттенок — очарование, красота, ум, необычность — все это привлекает внимание в хорошем смысле. Grip — это охвачено, есть зацикленность внимания, когда все обсуждают одно и то же, все следят за процессом или занимаются одним и тем же. Оттенок — схватить и крепко держать. Engross — это поглощение, погружение с оттенком монополизации, когда нечто полностью занимает мысли и внимание. Чаще относится к хобби. Rivet — глагол от слова заклепка, соответственно внимание приковано.

Разницу между такими близкими по смыслу глаголами можно проследить только на реальных примерах.


Посмотрим на употребление этих слов в прессе (The Guardian):

  • Chinese viewers in their millions captivated by western television hits
  • China captivated by tiny tuneful insects that sing for their supper
  • Fabio Capello captivated by Sir Alex Ferguson’s dazzling class of ’11
  • Obama has captivated me — but not the ‘waitress moms’
  • Unexplained phenomenon: Why we are captivated by UFOs


  • Australia’s plan to segregate Muslim women in parliament: we are gripped by ‘ security’ madness.
  • Britain gripped by flotation fever
  • Scotland is gripped by the excitement of choosing its future
  • Syrian city of Raqqa gripped by fear of US air strikes on Isis
  • TV ratings: 5m gripped by Ipswich serial killer drama.


  • I’m so engrossed in painting, in the actual process…
  • When I visited, she was engrossed in the works of Stephen Jay Gould.
  • When you’re engrossed in a game it’s easy to both love it and hate it
  •  I don’t get bored — once I’m engrossed in something, I will just keep doing it
  • It’s Thursday evening and hundreds of teachers are engrossed in a training session


  • Washington riveted by Libby trial as defence prepares to put its case
  • China riveted by stolen sex photos of Hong Kong stars
  • Although some of the improvised groupings went astray, it was hardly noticeable, because you were riveted by the band.
  • There is an ad on telly right now that I am absolutely riveted by.
  • As a child I was riveted by other people’s mothers


И напоследок проверка из Past Papers CPE за 2013 год:

Wilfred Thesinger, the legendary explorer once said, ‘We live our lives second-hand’. Sadly, his words are true for far too many of us, as we (1) ………. in front of the television, living our adventures through the words and pictures of others.

A captivated     B gripped     C engrossed     D riveted

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