Russian weather on the whole is not exceptionally good.

It is well-known that in St.Petersburg weather is extremely changeable. Fo example, a perfect morning can turn into a wet and cool afternoon and gloomy evening. Conversely, a miserable morning may give place to a glorious day.

The weather here is also pretty bad for people’s health for a number of reasons. Firstly, most part of the year it is wet, cool and chilly, so people easily get respiratory deseases, cold and runny nose. What’s more, winter usually lasts more than 3 months and citizens are looking forward to spring with its warm sun, birds chirping and leaves rustling. The flowers also make city look fascinating while flourishing.

Nevertheless, Russian summer is usually disappointing. Summer months are often rainy, cloudy and cool. For this reason planning summer holidays is not easy, so the majority of people try to go abroad.