Cегодняшние слова: to allude, candour, omen, ultimately numbered, to be dismayed.


1. «They know all your shit,» she points out alluding to what he calls his phobia.

to allude = to refer to something indirectly, намекать



2. It’s a good-looking book, only even more exhaustive in it’s candour.

candour = speak honestly about something, откровенность


3. I fell like it’s some sort of omen for us.

omen = a sign of what will happen, предзнаменование, знак



4. The days of Page 3 are ultimately numbered.

ultimately numbered = дни сочтены


5. The participants were dismayed by the move.

to be dismayed = быть потрясенным, встревоженным

to allude

* all the examples are from «The Guardians», 2014